Sandy Smith
     Pray for Revival

Randy & Helen Atkinson
     Pray for the fires in California and the Firefighters

Cooper Knox
     Pray for my future

Dee & Gary Wilhelmi
     Pray for good health in 2018 for everyone

Randy Truesdell
     Pray for my wifes depression

Dinah Brindley

JR & Debbie Wesley
     Praise for a lower A1C for Debbie; Praise for upcoming reunion with Wesley Family; Pray for physical healing, church finances, Upward

Teresa Sertage
     My brother Johnny has his final test this week to see if he qualifies for the lung transplant.

Matt & Angela Look
     Pray for my (Angela's) father and possible cancer; Pray for our children Hugo & Megan

Walt & Tammy Perkins
     Pray for Dominic

Eric Martinez
     Please pray for me to be able to get my family members Christmas presents. Amen

Tiffany Scarberry
     Pray for my mother's health and safety

Melissa Holliday
     Please pray for Kimmy's family since she lost Jayden this last week from their horrific accident, they are trying to gather the funds to bury him.

Wynona Schroeder
     Pray for Sheyenne she has a sore throat & Mike - Susan's son

Joan Richardson
     Pray for my family